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Destiny Manifest

We CAME from CA to ME  Seeking less stress more for less A chance to enhance this opportunity to nest Grow roots on our Oak-tree near Spruces and Pines A star to reflect how we both are aligned A reprieve from the hamster wheels of nickels and dimes From the Silicon Valley that was flooded with crimes The gun points and tip toes of walking the lines A safe passage to freedoms that lived only in our minds  To inhale fresh air without smoke from the vines A leap of faith into this unknown the beautiful divine From tragedy riddled streets as we choked in our primes The greed, drought and illnesses all signs of a time  It was time. C A sky full of birds and an ocean Lobster boats to M E E T home Welcomed from the Golden Gate To vacationland we needed a break from the overstimulation of noises and perpetual maidens and Peter Pans.  We paid Attention too much without a return on our investments and set our sights on the land of this lands

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